Symrise Announces New Supervisory Board Members

At its recently held 2011 general annual meeting, Symrise (Holzminden, Germany) elected two new members to its supervisory board, as well as named a new chairman of the supervisory board and announced an approved 20% of the company’s dividend over the previous year, up to €0.60.

In his speech to the approximate 300 shareholders, CEO Heinz-Jürgen Bertram looked back at the successful fiscal year 2010. The company also added Michael Becker and Andrea Pfeifer to the supervisory board while also recomfirming Horst-Otto Gerberding, Peter Grafoner, Hans-Heinrich Gürtler and Thomas Rabe to their posts. Additionally, Rabe was elected supervisory board chairman at a constituent session of the supervisory board following the annual general meeting.

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