Eurofragance Introduces Cosmic Fragrance

Eurofragance (Barcelona) announced a new product designed to invoke the smell of the cosmos. Inspired by the accounts of various astronauts, the scents target the smell of space by honing in on the fragrance of space suits, helmets and gloves used during space walks. The fragrance offers a pleasant smell, a mixture of molten iron and grilled meat, developed by Eurofragance perfumist Bettina Perisson and flavourist Alfonso Gómez.

The project was developed by Eurofragance at the wishes of Roberto Álvarez del Blanco, associate professor of marketing at the Instituto de Empresa and a visiting professor at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Álvarez del Blanco asked Eurofragance to recreate the scent of the cosmos for his new book, Neuromarketing, The Perfect Fusion (Pearson).

The scent was presented to a laboratory that put in microcapsules in order to place it in ink that was used in the printing of Alvarez del Blanco’s book. In this way, the Cosmic smell is included in the book as a scratch-and-sniff card, as part of the illustrations.

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