American Chemistry Council Reponds to State of the Union Address

In response to President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, Cal Dooley, CEO and president of the American Chemistry Council, issued a statement saying the council welcomes and supports the President’s commitment to helping continue economic recovery through the creation of more jobs, noting that American chemistry is behind many new technologies and innovations that will drive that job creation. “Our ability as an industry to compete in an expanding global market and create the high-skilled, high-paying domestic manufacturing jobs the nation needs and advance national goals by continuing to innovate and create new products is directly related to striking the right balance with respect to regulation,” Dooley said. “While we were encouraged that the President again called for a review of the federal rules imposed on businesses, we urge the president and Congress to look beyond individual regulations, and to reform the process itself to ensure there is sound economic impact analysis and consistent standards for scientific quality, reliability and relevance. Only by improving the process, can we ensure rational, balanced regulatory outcomes.”

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