Rhodia Holds Capital Markets Day, Announces New Financial Reporting Structure for 2011

Rhodia (Paris) recently held its Capital Markets Day in London, hosting financial analysts and investors while detailing its profitable growth ambitions and presenting its new financial reporting structure, which will be effective Jan. 1, 2011. The company had previously announced its plan to generate a yearly EBITDA (excluding carbon credits) of more than €1 billion in the next three to five years, and a representing growth of more than €250 million compared with the EBITDA expected in 2010, Rhodia is focusing on three core drivers to ensure this effort: organic growth in promising markets, for €100 million; the development of more sustainable innovation, for €50 million; and external growth through acquisitions and other efforts, such as the purchase of Feixiang Chemicals, for €100 million.

Additionally, Rhodia's new financial reporting will be based on five business groups comprising its 11 global business units as follows: Consumer Chemicals will include Novecare, Coatis and Aroma Performance; Polyamide Materials will include Polyamide & Intermediates, Engineering Plastics and Fibers; Advanced Materials will include Silica and Rare Earth Systems; Acetow & Eco Services will include the two Global Business Units of the same name; and Energy Services, which is today presenting its new Climate Care business model. Consumer Chemicals and Advanced Materials have been identified as the highest contributors among the business groups to Rhodia’s mid-term growth ambition.

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