Firmenich Fine Fragrance Launches Re|Generation


Firmenich has launched a new movement entitled: Re|Generation. This global call-to-action embraces the optimism of change and examines how it will shape the future of the industry.

A new Re|Generation website invites talent, customers and consumers to join the conversation of leaders and disruptors in this movement. Content updates will shape discussions, exchanges and conversations on the future of fragrance.

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With a forward-thinking mission, Firmenich fine fragrance is focused on using data to drive new technology and offerings, making the benefits more appealing and respectful for both customers and consumers worldwide.

Over the next few months, Firmenich fine fragrance will:

  • Re|Think our relationship to history, environment, materials, ourselves and others
  • Re|Engage through perfumery to fulfill people’s new aspirations
  • Re|Imagine a path that leads towards new positivity and a renewable future
  • Re|Create positive emotions to embrace nature and society

Firmenich fine fragrance’s two signature programs, Mind, Nose + Matter and Olfactive Design, will focus on Re|Generation and bring additional insights and visions to light.

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In September, Mind Nose + Matter will share insights, trends and vision to provide a clear understanding of today’s consumers.

Later this Fall, Olfactive Design will feature a collaboration with world-renowned arts and design college Central Saint Martins to radically reimagine fragrance experiences for tomorrow’s world.

“The time for a new dialogue is now, which is even more important as we navigate the current unprecedented global events,” said Jerry Vittoria, president, fine fragrance worldwide. “It’s the right time for seeking new solutions, sparking new emotions, fueling new desires and capturing the imagination of our customers and consumers alike. Re|Generation invites us to work together to innovate, rejuvenate and drive the transformation of fine fragrance.”

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