Lebermuth Divests Its Decorative Botanicals Division

The Lebermuth Co. (South Bend, Indiana) has sold its decorative botanicals division to Natural Essentials Inc. (Aurora, Ohio), which operates the Bulk Apothecary.

Shipments of decorative botanicals has already been assumed by the Bulk Apothecary distribution facilities in Aurora.

"We are thrilled that this transition is taking place," said Robert Brown, president of Lebermuth. "Natural Essentials/Bulk Apothecary is a family owned and operated business like us and we have successfully partnered with Natural Essentials/Bulk Apothecary for many years. We know they will service customers that buy decorative botanicals in a similar manner as we had for decades; ensuring an uninterrupted supply, vitally important to many of Lebermuth's longtime clients and friends."


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