Symrise Develops Integrated Annual Corporate Report

Beginning with its 2012 corporate report, Symrise AG has decided to stop publishing separate annual and sustainability reports and is moving in the direction of integrated reporting.

The company said its goals and strategy already are multidimensional with regard to the economy, environment, employees and society. Therefore, the company—which had previously released separate financial and sustainability reports—is moving in a new direction when it comes to its reporting on the 2012 fiscal year. In the 2012 corporate report, Symrise integrated its financial and sustainability reports.

“Symrise does not pursue a sustainability strategy—rather, our company’s entire strategy is designed to be sustainable,” said Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, Symrise's CEO. “We have firmly integrated sustainability into our objectives and corporate activities.”

A central element of the 2012 corporate report is an overview of Symrise’s targets and activities in the areas of the economy, environment, employees and society. Here, the company details, in many areas also quantitatively, its long-term positioning, its progress in 2012 as well as the targets and activities for the year under way. In the report, Symrise said its long-term goals are to grow sales faster than the market (2%-3% annually) over the long term and to have 33% less CO2 emissions, energy consumption, waste volumes, water consumption and wastewater production by 2020. 

The company said its “sharing values” report meets the requirements of the highest application level, level A, of the Global Reporting Initiative. Symrise also added that incorporating aspects of sustainability in the corporate strategy will enhance the company’s value over the long term and mitigate risks.

The 2012 Symrise corporate report can be viewed at

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