Symrise Marks 30 Years in China

Symrise AG is celebrating 30 years in China, where it plans to further invest and expand during the years ahead. 

“We pride ourselves on being pioneers, an example of which was our entry onto the Chinese market 30 years ago," said Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, the group's CEO. "This vision has paid dividends. Today, 48% of our sales come from emerging countries, of which China is one of the most significant markets.”

Symrise operates two business divisions in China. Its scent and care division develops, produces and markets fragrance compositions for perfumes, personal care products and household applications for the Chinese market, which it leads in the area of mint products for oral care. The company also supplies cosmetic ingredients and aromatic substances to Asia’s biggest market. Its flavor and nutrition division also plays a significant role in the region. The company produces flavorings and functional ingredients used in sweet and savory applications, such as snacks, beverages as well as food with functional added benefits—a major growth market in China.

Over the past 30 years, Symrise has focused strongly on its presence in China as well as other growth markets. It all began in 1982 with the registration of “JV 003” as the third joint venture in Shanghai. This was a milestone, making Symrise the first international supplier of fragrances in mainland China. At the time, the company was called Cosfra-Florasynth, and became Symrise in 2003.

Today, Symrise supplies many leading domestic and international companies with fragrances and flavors developed specifically for the Chinese market. Symrise’s global and regional strategies includes everything from environmentally friendly production site upgrades to protecting the musk deer in China. In addition, a group of senior perfumers went on a scent expedition in 2011, immersing themselves in the world of Chinese consumers and seeking inspiration from indigenous plants. Symrise also conducted a study on the sweet preferences of children in China, and used the results in product development.

Looking ahead, Symrise has ambitious growth plans for the region. For the scent and care division, this will include increasing the production of perfume oils. The flavor and nutrition division will extend its powder mixing plant, spray drying and liquid mixing capabilities with a focus on automation and new process technologies to improve efficiency. And as part of its focus on ecological sustainability, Symrise plans to equip its production site in China with modern odor filter technology (RTO).

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