Symrise Collaborates with Gianfranco Chiarini and Digital Chef Network

Symrise AG has collaborated with executive chef Gianfranco Chiarini, who is advising the company about creative cooking and providing insight from his extensive digital network of chefs.

Chiarini uses his digital network of chefs to collect local knowledge about food and taste preferences, among other things. In return, he receives insights into the creation and interaction of tastes from Symrise.

“I am sharing what I know with Symrise to inspire the creative work of its employees," said Chiarini. "In turn, I would like to learn more about flavors, where they come from and how they influence each other. I’d like to build on that potential and use it for new creations at Symrise and in my own kitchen.”

Symrise is working with its internal network of chefs made up of Symrise cooks of different nationalities. Around the world, they help to develop tailor-made products for various tastes. Just a few months ago, Symrise recruited chef Harry Weber. He coordinates the international Symrise network of chefs including who is working when and with whom on which project. Symrise's consulting pact with Chiarini brings access to a digital network of more than 15,000 chefs around the world as well as worldwide knowledge of local cuisine. 

Topics the group will examine include: How are meals prepared? What flavors do they and their guests prefer? What local specialties do they know? And what trends are emerging? The network’s answers to these questions provide a broad wealth of knowledge, Symrise says, which will help make it possible to develop better products that appeal to regional tastes.

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