Robertet Flavors to Launch Two Facilities in 2008

In response to strong growth in the US market, Robertet Flavors will unveil two new facilities in Piscataway, NJ, in 2008. In the first quarter, the company will bring a 60,000-ft2 dry blending site on line. The space will triple the company's powdered products capacity, consolidating spray drying, encapsulation and tea powder blending activities.

By the end of 2008, Robertet Flavors will open a 60,000-ft2 addition to its existing site, adjacent to the dry blending facility. The expansion will increase the company's liquid production activities, including juice blending and homogenization. The expansion will also boost storage and packaging capacity.   

Of the liquid production expansion, Robertet North America president Peter Lombardo said, "This twenty-million dollar capital investment further demonstrates Robertet's commitment to our customers and to the Robertet Group's growth in the US market.

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