Frutarom Acquires Gewurzmuller Group

Frutarom (Haifa, Israel) has purchased the Gewurzmuller Group (Stuttgart, Germany)—consisting of Gewurzmuller GmbH and Blessing Biotech—for $67 million. The purchase enhances Frutarom’s position in the areas of savory and starter cultures.

Gewurzmuller GmbH, founded in 1896, employs 190 and is a savory specialist providing savory flavors, seasoning compounds and functional ingredients for the processed meat and convenience food categories. Blessing Biotech produces starter cultures for the meat, dairy and baked goods categories. The Group boasts sales and marketing in 12 countries operates two facilities in Stuttgart, including a two-year-old facility that will allow for increased production capacity. The German company’s customer base is focused primarily in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

Of the purchase, Frutarom president and CEO Ori Yehudai said, “The acquisition of Gewurzmuller continues the implementation of Frutarom’s rapid growth strategy and of realizing its vision, ‘to be the preferred partner for tasty and healthy success.’ This is an important strategic and significant acquisition that further establishes Frutarom’s position as one of the 10 largest global leaders in the field of flavors and enhances its presence and position as a leading global producer of savory flavors.”

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