Synergy’s Second Acquisition in Four Months

Synergy Flavors, Inc. (Wauconda, IL) has announced its purchase of the Brazilian-based American Flavors and Fragrance do Brasil (AFF). The deal, which was finalized March 15, will strengthen Synergy’s presence in South America. In fact, Brazil is considered the entryway to “Mercosur”—the South American Common Market, including countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela. Business operations will remain at the current site in São Paulo City, but the name has changed to Synergy Aromas do Brasil.

Of the acquisition, Synergy president and CEO Roderick Sowders said, “In keeping with our strategy to grow through acquisition, the purchase of AFF is an ideal compliment to our global offering. By purchasing a Brazilian-based company, we are gaining better access to local markets there and are able to continue to build on what we do best, providing localized service. Brazil is the number one consumer of distilled beverages in the world and third largest consumer of soft drinks in the western hemisphere. It also happens to be the largest market for bakery and confections in Latin America and the second largest manufacturer of candies in the world. With our business strengths and focus within all those industries, the location consideration was natural.”

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