Dansico Results for 2005/2006

Dansico (Copenhagen, Denmark) has announced revenue for the year 2005/2006 (May 1 2005–April 30, 2006) of DKK 20.9 billion, an increase of 17 percent over 2004/2005. Gross profit for the year rose 26 percent to DKK 7.2 billion, corresponding to a gross margin of 34.6 percent versus 32.2 percent the year before. This positive trend is mainly attributable to the consolidation of Genencor and growth in ingredients, whereas the performance in sugar had a slightly negative impact. Operating profit before special items (EBIT) rose 7 percent to DKK 2.4 billion. Ingredients, including Genencor, reported sales of 13.3 billion, with 5 percent organic growth, 4 percent current translation and 26 percent from acquisitions (Genencor and Rhodia Food Ingredients).

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