Treatt Celebrates 120 Years

Treatt plc celebrates its 120th anniversary this year. Founded in 1886 by Richard Court Treatt, an essential oil merchant in London, the company is now an independent, global flavor and fragrance ingredient manufacturer supplying 3,000 products to over 90 countries.

Beginnings: In the 1920s, Jim Bovill joined the company and started his family’s relationship with Treatt that continues today. Geoffrey Bovill became non-executive director in 1956 and chairman from 1961–2001, retiring in 2005 after 57 years. Hugo Bovill joined the board of directors in 1987 and became the managing director — a position he still holds today. In the 1930s, Treatt began its association with the L Rose Company, which started Treatt’s involvement in citrus essential oils.

Locations: Treatt relocated to Bury St. Edmunds (Suffolk, UK) in 1971. Today, RC Treatt (the company’s UK subsidiary) employs 135 people in technical, production, sales and administration roles. In 1990, the company opened Treatt USA in Lakeland, FL. Occupying 65,000 square feet, Treatt USA employs 56 people. In addition, the company will be opening Treatt China in Shanghai later this year to support sales and marketing efforts in the region.

Key products: From 1978, Treatt began concentrating its citrus oils through vacuum distillation processes. In 1988, the company launched its orange, lemon and lime Citreatt products — a range of concentrated and terpeneless citrus oils. Less than 10 years later, in 1996, Treatt launched its Treattarome products, which are 100 percent natural, aqueous distillates.

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