Katsuki Awarded 2005 Ryoji Noyori Prize

Tsutomu Katsuki, Graduate School of Kyushu University, has been awarded the 2005 Ryoji Noyori Prize. The honor, sponsored by Takasago International Corp. and bestowed at the annual general meeting of the Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan, recognizes Katsuki's contribution to the advancement of ecological asymmetric synthesis, demonstrating the power of molecular catalysis comparable to that of enzyme.

Of the winner, Ryoji Noyori said, "The winner of this year's Ryoji Noyori Prize should be noted for two things. One is that he is the first Japanese person to receive the prize. Synthetic organic chemistry, which has focused on asymmetric synthesis up to this point, has been positioned as a national science and technology in Japan. I am happy to say that this year's award is proof that Japan is still at the forefront in this field. The second thing is the youthful age of the winner. At just 59 years of age, Katsuki has great potential to produce even further contributions, and I believe this prize will encourage achievement among many other pioneering researchers like him."

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