Symrise Opens Green Chemistry Laboratory

Symrise is opening a catalysis laboratory to advance its strategic research focus in green chemistry.

Catalysis is a key technology for the design of environmentally benign processes with reduced energy consumption and waste production. The company said it will investigate the synthesis of new molecules via catalysis, develop chemical processes and optimize existing processes for aroma molecules with less environmental impact. 

In the laboratory, catalyst experts will develop chemical processes and optimize existing processes for aroma molecules. The laboratory’s key technology will be the application of heterogeneous catalysis to the design of continuously running processes. For this purpose, the laboratory will be equipped with specially manufactured catalyst testing units, enabling catalyst screening, long-term stability tests and process-optimization studies. These lab-scale plants will be entirely process controlled for continuous operation as well as batch experiments. In addition, the laboratory will receive equipment for the preparation and modification of heterogeneous catalysts to build up a catalyst library and expertise

The project is being supported by a European funding for regional development, which addresses green chemistry and is realized by the N-Bank Niedersachsen.

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