Progress in Essential Oils: Summer Savory Oil

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Summer Savory Oil

Summer savory oil, which is produced from Satureja hortensis L., is an annual aromatic, herbaceous small plant endemic to the eastern Mediterranean region, including Turkey and Greece. It can be found growing throughout Europe and other countries as a garden escape. Savory oil is known for its richness in carvacrol, which accounts for its use as an antimicrobial oil.

Hawthorne et al. (1993) characterized five components in savory oil and compared the composition of it to that of supercritical fluid CO2 extracts of the same batch of air-dried and coarsely ground S. hortensis. The comparative results are shown in T-1.

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Oils produced from two samples of S. hortensis plants collected in the Crimean region of Ukraine were the subject of analysis by Misharina et al. (1999). The results of these analyses can be seen in T-2. A trace amount of a-phellandrene was also characterized in this oil.

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