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Avant Organics is ready to serve! Created on the values of transparency, collaboration, and the art of science, we are ready to create sustainable products for you. Opening in February of 2021, Avant Organics was created to make a statement in the industry. Behind the name, Avant Organics—Avant comes from the term “avant-garde” meaning NEW or Cutting Edge. Organic references the organic chemistry used daily by our research and development team for creating and obtaining Avant’s individual products.

Avant Organics has been focusing on crafting a product line of both unique and valuable aroma chemicals for all in the flavor and fragrance industry, while diligently taking pride in the precise quality of these individual products. And now, Avant Organics is hitting the ground running! To review our product line please click here Avant Organics- Product Line. Although our product list displays U.S. Natural and EU Natural organic compounds, we are proud to announce that Avant Organics will also be launching a taste modulator line and potentially offering some synthetic products this year as well.

What sets us apart? Quality! We strive to provide clean cut products. And we take extra caution when crafting products for each individual customer. When reviewing our products, it is easy to notice the clean purity of most products, but one of the things we find the most appealing is how clean the products are organoleptically portrayed. This is one of the main focuses at Avant Organics. Quality all around, sustainable, trustworthy, and pure. And for a company that offers sweet floral compounds like Phenylethyl Acetate, EU Natural as well as savory pungent compounds like Methyl Mercaptan, EU Natural, our quality checks are top priority! To request a sample of any of our products please contact us at [email protected].

With the launch of our product line, and many new products getting ready to be launched, Avant Organics is happy to announce we will be hitting the road this year. Giving the Flavor and Fragrance industry as many chances as possible to meet our team and review our products in person. The first two events of the year will be in California. The first event will be the 2024 California Roundtable at the Delta-Marriott Anaheim Garden Grove in Anaheim, CA, March 12, 2024. Stop by our table to review some of our products, pick up a brochure, and connect with members of our team.

Avant Organics will also be exhibiting at the Southern California Institute of Food Technologists Suppliers Night Expo 2024 at the Hyatt Regency Orange County, Garden Grove, CA, March 12, 2024. We hope to see some familiar faces and meet many new potentials. Stop by our booth to chat. Later in the year Avant Organics plans to also attend other roundtable events as well as Flavorcon in Atlantic City.

Avant Organics is ready to grow with you. Our capabilities are endless and our creativity limitless. We look forward to reaching more people this year and learning what your true needs are as a company. For any questions, sample requests, product inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at [email protected].  



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