A Look at TCD Dimethanol use in Fragrance Formulation

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OQ Chemicals' TCD Dimethanol, also known as TCD DM or TCD Alcohol DM, is a unique solvent molecule used in advanced fragrance formulations and perfume oils. This highly specialized diol acts as a non-alcoholic secondary solvent, viscosity modifying agent, thickener and retardant activating the scent molecules while increasing their tenacity. As an odorless molecule, TCD Dimethanol does not interfere with the fragrance odor itself.

TCD Dimethanol works well to carry long-lasting warming amber base notes and strengthens heart notes. It is a highly suitable component in Arabic mukhallats, which are composed of rose, musk, sandalwood, amber attar pure oils and oudh. These scents provide a warming effect, especially in winter and autumn seasons.

Because it is non-alcoholic, TCD Dimethanol is frequently used in non-alcoholic, 1-phase, long-lasting, concentrated perfume oils ideally suited for sensitive skin. Its high refractive index contributes to outstanding optical properties with an unparalleled visual appearance of the final perfume. Due to its low evaporation rate and condition as a viscosity modifier, TCD Dimethanol provides release of fragrance over an extended period.

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Uniqueness of TCD Dimethanol is evoked by the special rigid molecule configuration which carries two solvency-promoters. Its high viscosity allows fine-adjustment of the flowing behavior of the final perfume formulation to a broad bandwidth, allowing perfumers to tailor-make rheology. TCD Dimethanol is used in a broad range of concentrations, displaying high solubility with most fragrance components. Its high boiling point allows the formulator to heat it up to 120°C and blend it with the solvent of choice.

OQ Chemical offers TCD Dimethanol in drum or bulk quantities produced in Germany. Submit the form to request a sample.

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