Prinova Provides a Behind the Scenes look at Triglav-Edelvais


Triglav-Edelvais was founded in Kazanlak, Bulgaria, in the year 2003. Starting with a few rose gardens, the company rapidly expanded into owning 6 distilleries spread across the country as well as owning multiple plantations of different crops. The biggest products for the company by volume are Lavender oil, Rose oil, and Rose water.

In the FieldIn the Field

A typical summer season at Triglav-Edelvais begins in the month of May with the Rose harvest. During this period, longtime pickers join the roses early in the morning, while the weather is still cool. Once the sun gets strong, it evaporates the oil from the petals. This is when pickers begin loading bags on trucks for delivery to a nearby distillery. While Roses must be handpicked early in the morning, lavender can be harvested with a machine, which makes it and the rest of the oils more affordable.

At the DistilleryAt the Distillery

At the distillery, the bags get emptied into huge distillation tanks, which run 24 hours a day during the harvest season. Through steam distillation, the oil is produced and then carefully packaged. Samples are taken from each lot and sent out to a laboratory for quality control. Once approved, the oil is ready for export. Floral waters are a beautiful byproduct of the steam distillation process. Once produced, they are handled in an incredibly careful manner to avoid contamination. They make wonderful 100% natural toners and are amazing for the skin.

Fun FactsFun Facts
  • It can take up to 4,000 kg of petals to produce 1 kg (2.2lb) of Rose oil, depending on the yield
  • Triglav-Edelvais welcomes visitors to observe the harvest and distillation process
  • Triglav-Edelvais hosts groups of up to 30 people, where they educate guests on the production process and the beautiful country of Bulgaria 

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