Remove Unwanted Odors from Your Lab + Case Study

We know that clean, quality air is critical when evaluating your chemicals and creations. The Halo air filtration system is easily installed in the ceiling of your lab and requires no connection to HVAC.  The laboratory-grade molecular filtration system contains Neutrodine, a unique and powerful activated carbon mixture combined with a pre-filter that captures a large variety of Volatile Organic Compounds.

The Halo air filtration system continuously evaluates the air in your lab for increased concentration of chemical vapors. Once detection has occurred, Halo captures these vapors and sends clean air back into the lab. Concentration sensitivity can be customized and controlled to meet your specific needs.

To let you know when it is cleaning the air, Halo's Smart-LightTM technology will alert you with a soft pulsing light and continue to pulse until the air is clean.


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