Flavour Horizons: FlavourTalk Singapore


FlavourTalk 2016 will focus on Asia Pacific's latest natural raw materials, finished products and latest flavor formulations and innovations. The event will take place 26-27 April 2016 at the Village Hotel, Changi, Singapore.

The first of the two events begins with a raw materials round-table exhibition in which attendees will evaluate a variety of ingredients for flavor formulations.

The conference on day two will feature a series of lectures from industry leaders on flavor technology and formulation pertinent to the Asia Pacific market. Topics include:

  • Novel technologies for natural flavor production in vanilla curing and processing
  • Botanicals in beverages and other beverage trends in the Asia Pacific market
  • Flavor analysis using microextraction technology
  • Underpinning flavors and the best use of sweeteners and acids
  • Approaching novel aroma chemicals via traditional routes

Early bird tickets available until March 4, 2016. Click here to register.


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