Senomyx's Progress in Fructose, Sucrose Enhancers, Bitter Blockers

Senomyx, Inc. (San Diego, CA) has reportedly identified of the first fructose enhancers that provide a “taste proof-of-concept.” In addition, the company has announced an expansion of GRAS categories for S6973 sucrose enhancer, and advances with new sucrose enhancers. Those advances include the recent identification of a new family of sucrose enhancers that allow for up to 40% reduction of sugar (preliminary taste tests). The enhancers are intended for use in beverages and other product applications that have specific requirements due to special packaging and storage conditions.

Meanwhile, Senomyx is speeding up the timing for its S6821 bitter blocker regulatory filing; the company has also begun the development phase for bitter blocker S0812. S6821 will be ready for regulatory applications for during the fourth quarter of 2010.

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