Sensient Expands Presence in China and Costa Rica

Sensient Technologies (Milwaukee) has set up a 62,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, China, and a technical center and sales office in Shanghai. The Guangzhou site includes an office, a manufacturing plant, a fragrance building and laboratory comprising a flavor creation center, a pharmaceutical lab, a color research center and a quality control lab. The company has also opened a new facility in Alajuela, Costa Rica to serve as a base for its Central American and Caribbean operations. Staffed with product application teams, this facility includes an office, laboratories for beverage and dairy applications and savory flavors, quality control lab and a culinary center for flavorists; it will also develop flavors for local markets.

Of this expansion, Sensient’s chairman and CEO, Kenneth Manning, said, “China’s emerging middle class constitutes an important new market for our products, one that has already begun to contribute to Sensient’s growth and will gain in importance going forward.” Likewise, the new Costa Rican facility “reinforces our commitment to service local markets by expanding geographically. We will continue to grow in order to broaden our capabilities in providing innovative and customized technical solutions to our customers,” he added.

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