David Michael Introduces Flavor Modifiers

David Michael & Co., (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) has created a line of salt replacers, sweetness enhancers, sweetness inhibitors and sugar extenders for the food and beverage industry. David Michael Choice Natural Flavor salt replacers are free of HVP and added MSG, and allow up to a 30% salt reduction while delivering the same amount of flavor impact. Available in powder form, these and can be used in any product that is formulated with salt. The company also offers a line of natural potassium blockers type that can be used to decrease the bitterness and metallic off-notes often associated with potassium salts.

In addition, David Michael’s sweetness enhancers are available in liquid and powder forms—in natural, artificial or natural and artificial types—and can be used in cereal, baked goods, dairy, frozen desserts and yogurts. Its sugar extenders are available in all the above forms, and in burnt sugar flavors, while the sweetness inhibitors are available in liquid or powder form and are artificial flavors.

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