Symrise Releases Organic-certified and Non-GMO Flavor Collection


Symrise has released a collection of organic-certified and non-GMO flavors, under its Code of Nature platform.

“This collection of organic flavors meets all the requirements of QAI certification and gives our consumers peace of mind that they are doing right for themselves and their families,” said Emmanuel Laroche, VP marketing and consumer insights and global marketing leader for Symrise. “The cross-category and cross-application opportunities of this new organic line add to Symrise’s diverse and continuously growing library of organic-certified and GMO-project verified flavors.”

Created with organic raw materials and natural ingredients, the collection of flavors contain no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, radiation, antibiotics or growth hormones. To ensure the delivery of this collection, all three of Symrise production locations were certified in Dec. 2017 for production of organic flavors by the Quality Assurance International (QAI) to meet international (IFOAM) standards of organic accreditation.

The flavors are released at a time of increased interest in organic snacks and household products, especially among younger consumers. According to research cited in the company’s press release, the organic snack market alone is projected to grow over 60%, or $745 million, between 2016-2021, led by millennials’ interest in healthier products. Out of all parents buying organic products for their house, 52% of them are millennials.

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"Millennials are the fastest-growing demographic of consumers who want what’s best not only for themselves but their families, too. So, when it comes to foods and beverages, organics are on the top of their grocery lists," said Laroche.

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