Firmenich Joins Forces With Essex Labs


Firmenich announced that it has made an investment in Essex Laboratories to establish a joint venture, allowing Firmenich to offer a richer mint portfolio with global sourcing capacity, while still ensuring traceable and sustainable value chains.

“I am very excited about taking our excellence in mint to the next level with Essex Laboratories”, said Gilbert Ghostine, CEO of Firmenich. “Together we will offer our customers the world’s finest mint from field to shelf, as well as, the ability to create tailored, game-changing solutions with the most traceable and sustainable value chain”.

“We are seeing increasing demand for natural mint tonalities in oral care, beverages and sweet goods applications,” said Cedric Fischer, vice president of the oral care and mint unit. “Firmenich’s industry-leading expertise, combined with Essex Laboratories’ unique natural breeding program, will enable us to craft tailored flavors and fragrances from these essential oils to meet our customers’ specific needs.”

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