Patent Pick: Chew on This

photo credit: Monica Nguyen from United States
photo credit: Monica Nguyen from United States

Improving the chewing texture of flavored, soft, sugar-free candy, Crown Confectionary has applied for a patent on a formula that reduces the stickiness and adhesion to teeth.

Sugarless soft candy with improved chewy properties
WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/032282
Publication date: March 3, 2016
Assignee: Crown Confectionery Co., Ltd.

Described in this patent application is a method for preparing sugarless, soft candy with reduced stickiness and adhesion to teeth due to sugar and saccharides.

Specifically, the method comprises forming a sugar solution by mixing and homogenizing 0.1-1.0 parts w/w of sucrose fatty acid ester; 0.1-1.0 parts w/w of sorbitan fatty acid ester; 15-20 parts w/w of oil and fat; 40-50 parts w/w of isomalt; 1-5 parts w/w of modified tapioca starch; and 0.5-1.0 parts w/w of pullulan per 100 parts w/w of reduced starch syrup.

Then, 10-20 parts w/w of the resulting sugarless fondant and 1-5 parts w/w of another concentrated solution or flavor are combined and homogenized per 100 parts w/w of the sugar solution composition.

The invention reportedly improves chewy texture and maintains the shape retention of the candy.

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