Symrise Debuts Exotic Fruit Flavors

Responding to a growing trend for exotic fruit flavors with influences from Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean, Symrise developed a new line of tropical fruit flavors—go tropicals!—that feature mango, guava, papaya, pineapple, lychee, passion fruit, pomegranate, coconut water and prickly pear. Symrise‘s Marketing & Consumer Insights (MCI), North America group conducted consumer market research to decide which tropical fruit flavors would comprise the line, finding that generally consumers indicated a preference for the more familiar tropical fruit flavors, but also demonstrated an enthusiastic willingness to try the newer varieties. Among ethnic groups, Asians demonstrated interest in all of the tropical fruit flavors.

In applications from confectionary to bakery products, savory toppings and desserts, still drinks to teas, carbonated beverages and cocktail mixers, MCI found said that once consumers discover the refreshing sweetness of novel tropical fruits, they are encouraged to explore less familiar tropical fruit flavors.

Deborah Kennison, vice president, R&D, Symrise, North America, noted, “We have also found another advantage in formulations that feature tropical fruit flavors. When they are used in fortified beverages and food formulations, there is substantial evidence that some of these tropical fruit flavors effectively mask the off-tastes of some vitamins and minerals.”

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