Wild Promotes Stevia Products for Europe

Maintaining a focus on products that serve health, wellness and natural consumer desires, Wild Flavors announced its further promotion of stevia products following the Standing Committee of the European Commission’s approval of high-purity stevia as a food ingredient throughout Europe. It is anticipated that stevia glycosides will be fully sanctioned in the EU by November or December of this year, and Wild is gearing up to provide European customers with this product for food and beverage applications.

“WILD has developed a comprehensive range of proprietary taste-optimizing solutions for stevia applications,” said Michael H. Ponder, CEO of Wild Flavors. “These systems address mouthfeel, masking, sweet enhancement, and blocking of bitterness that improve the taste profile of foods and beverages containing stevia. By rounding out the flavor profiles and masking the stevia taste profile issues, these ingredients and blends improve the finished product while enhancing stevia's sweetening properties.”

Greg Horn, senior director of sweetening solutions for Wild, commented, “A key benefit of Wild’s taste-optimizing solutions is that they are labeled as natural flavors. This approach enables customers to select the best sweetening system for their unique product and cost objectives.”

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