IFF Collaborates with GLG Life Tech on Rebaudioside C Extract

GLG Life Tech Corporation (Vancouver), a developer of stevia, announced it has entered into a collaboration with International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) (New York) to develop the extraction capability for high-grade rebaudioside C extract for use by IFF as a flavor modulator. GLG has four patent applications for the separation methodologies of rebaudioside C that have been accepted by the State Intellectual Property Bureau in China. The two companies signed an agreement for the development of high-purity rebaudioside C extract to meet IFF product specifications. If the development is a success, the GLG Life Tech and IFF have negotiated preliminary terms for a supply agreement.

GLG VP of technology Kevin Li stated, "We are pleased to be working with IFF on this new opportunity. Our capabilities in the separation of steviol glycosides, production quality, and scale coupled with IFF's global capabilities in innovation, advanced flavor systems and application possibilities for high-purity rebaudioside C make this an exciting global opportunity. Additionally, GLG will be able to extract rebaudioside C from our existing byproduct, making it the third high-value added product extracted from our stevia leaf."

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