Reflections of a Retired Flavorist Before He Forgets: Strawberry


When I was a young flavorist, trying to perfect the art, the D & O 5210 Strawberry was considered the target to shoot for. At a recent meeting I happened to mention to Tom Bonica (recently retired IFF VP) that his former boss, Charlie Fricke, told me that the development of the 5210 Strawberry by Jack Bouton resulted from his attempt to match Seeley’s 10W Strawberry. Tom also filled in parts of the story I was unaware of.

Back in the early 1950s, at the IFT convention in Boston, a group of us used the opportunity to recruit additional flavorists with the hope of forming the Society of Flavor Chemists.

That initial group of recruiters included myself, Jerry DiGenova, Earl Merwin, Tom Bonica, Charlie Fricke, Fred Schumm and Lou Strasburger. We felt a key in establishing the Society was the selection fo the right person to be our first president.

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