An Application of Computers to the Flavor Development Process

The development of flavors can be enhanced through the use of computer software because a large part of the performance of a flavor system depends on the ratio of specific ingredients to each other. For example, ingredient ratios can determine flavor characteristics for strawberry ranging from a jammy, seedy type to a fresh sweet, fruity type.

Knowing how to combine the ingredients into just the right mixture to yield the best possible flavor profile requires expertise, time, and energy. The level of flavor expertise depends on the developer’s knowledge and understanding of flavor chemistry. The computer addresses time and energy issues by providing a systematic approach to optimizing the ratio of ingredients.

In the development of flavors, the independent variables are tbe flavoring ingredients which produce a response or flavor profile. The flavorist developes a concept of how a particular flavor should perform, and then based on flavor skills and expertise, creates several prototypes and evaluates them. In this process much time and energy maybe spent on these prototypes in order to combine all of tbe different ingredients into just the right mixture to yield the best and most acceptable flavor profile.

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