A Tribute to the Oldest American Flavor and Fragrance House

On January, 1, 1991, Fritzsche Dodge & Olcott (FDO)) was acquired by Givaudan of Switzerland from BASF of Germany. Givaudan acted quickly to merge this almost 200-year-old company into its operation. While FDO does not exist as a separate company, a solid foundation of knowledge, a unique company culture and a proud tradition will continue into the future together with a somewhat similar heritage of Givaudan.

This tribute to FDO recalls how that company became a leader in its industry.

Dodge & Olcott The history of Dodge& Olcott goes back to the end of the 18th century, seven years after American Independence, when in 1798a young New York pharmacist named Robeti Bach, a contemporary of George Washington, set up a business for importing pharmaceutical and chemical products at 128 Pearl Street in New York. The items imported included essential oils, perfumes and soaps,

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