Evolutionary Trends in Food and Flavors


In most developed countries of the world, people take their choice of meals and selection of foods for granted, Unfortunately, in the less developed countries people are too busy finding enough food to bother, particularly about its origins. Thus we seldom ask why we eat what we eat or from where our fundamental choice of foodstuffs has come. We also perhaps forget that we are the only living species on earth that blends, processes and modifies its food, and that this evolution of food and diet is perhaps the single most important reason for the dominance of the human race on earth.

Although the modern food industry with its emphasis on preservation and distribution technology is less than two hundred years old, tbe origins of many of our foodstuffs go back into several hundred thousands of years of evolution before written history. Certainly by the time heiroglyphics, some 5,000 years ago, everyday items like bread, wine, cheese and soy sauce were probably all in existence, together with many foodstuffs subsequently lost, improved upon or simply forgotten.

The Evolution of Food Preferences

The word ‘evolution’ is deliberately chosen because chance discovery of beneficial food blends and food processes in the pre-historical phase of the human race allowed their discoverers to better survive, thrive, breed and maintain their cooking practices.

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