Raw Material Bulletin: November 2015

Sigma Aldrich offers acetophenone, natural, 98%, FG (FEMA# 2009, CAS# 98-86-2), a kosher product with a use level of 0.5–1.0 ppm. This product has several uses, including almond, cranberry, cherry, watermelon, strawberry, vanilla and other flavors, in addition to coffee and tobacco nuances and coumarin additives.

This company has also introduced anethol, natural, 99%, FG (FEMA# 2086, CAS# 4180-23-8), which is also a kosher product with a use level of 1–2 ppm. It is used to modify menthol mints and wintergreen confections, and it also finds application in fruit flavors such as prune, raisin and cherry. This product can also be useful to modify root beer and cola beverage flavors.

Natural Advantage has introduced natural 3-methylthio- 1-hexyl acetate (FEMA# 3789). Kosher and worldwide natural, this passion fruit acetate is found in yellow passion fruit. It can be used at 0.05 ppm to 1 ppm in beverages.

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