Raw Material Bulletin: September 2015

Natural Advantage has introduced EU and US natural 2,6-dimethyl-5-heptenal (FEMA# 2389, CAS# 106-72-9). Also known as melonal, this ingredient occurs in melons and has a green, fruity, fresh taste. This worldwide kosher ingredient works well in a variety of flavors including cucumber, melon and tropical fruit. It is typically used at 0.05–5.0 ppm in consumer products. Natural Advantage has introduced worldwide natural 2-octen-4-one (FEMA# 3603, CAS# 4643-27-0). 2-Octen- 4-one occurs naturally in roasted hazel nuts and bread and has a sweet, fruity, pineapple and strawberry flavor with a ripe tropical nuance. 2-Octen-4-one is used in strawberry, cherry, peach and apricot flavors. Use levels in consumer products are 2–5 ppm.

Bhoomi Natural Products and Exports Pvt Ltd offers davana oil (FEMA# 2793, CAS# 8016-03-3), known botanically as Artemisia pallens, which is a brownish yellow, aromatic herb, originating from India. With a rich, lingering, fruity odor, the essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the flower heads and fresh leaves of davana. This ingredient finds use in perfumery and as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent.

Flavex offers angelica root (CAS# 84775-41-7), or Angelica archangelica, a yellow-brown oil with a characteristic odor. With no additives, this product is applied as a remedy for rheumatism, inflammation and other ailments, in liquers, confectionery and other food and beverage products, and in perfumery and cosmetics. Additionally, the company offers allspice berries (CAS# 84929-57-7), or Pimenta officinalis, a dark brown liquid with balmy-spicy and peppery flavors. The extract is applied as a spice in food industries (bakery and sausage products, sauces, fish, meat dishes, spirits), in pharmaceuticals and in perfumery.

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