Raw Material Bulletin: January 2014

SAFC features 2,3-hexanedione, natural, 98%, FG (FEMA# 2558, CAS# 3848-24-6), which is a kosher and food-grade ingredient. Its taste characteristics feature creamy, fruity, toasted brown and caramellic notes. Its odor characteristics are dry, sweet, caramel, butter, oily, fatty, creamy, phenolic and fruity. Uses in flavor are cheese, caramel and custard. In fragrance, it adds butter, coffee, pineapple, floral and vanilla notes.

This edition also features the latest raw materials from industry suppliers, including Firmenich, Artiste, Zestoril, Natural Advantage and more. Ingredients include 2,3-hexanedion, ginger, 2,6-Dimethoxy phenol natural and more.

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