Raw Material Bulletin: March 2014.

trans,trans-2,4-Undecadienal (FEMA# 3422, Flavis# 05.196, CAS# 13162-46-4) from Natural Advantage is an aldehyde that occurs naturally in a variety of food stuffs including cooked meats, roasted peanuts, potato chips and soybeans. trans,trans-2,4-Undecadienal, a worldwide natural and kosher ingredient, adds fatty notes to chicken and soup flavors. It works well with non-chicken fatty notes such as beef, pork and lamb. A typical use rate is 0.01–1.0 ppm as consumed. The company also offers succinic acid (FEMA# 4719, CAS# 110-15-6), which is an acidulant and a non-MSG, non-HVP savory flavor enhancer. Suggested use levels start at 10 ppm. This ingredient is worldwide natural and kosher.

Firmenich now offers raspberry Naturome, which has a rich profile that is ripe, floral and slightly woody. This ingredient, which is from the named fruit (FTNF) and classified as an add-back (Directive 2009-106 Juice EC), is well-suited for beverages. Suggested applications include juice, flavored water, carbonated soft drinks and dairy products. The company also features honey Naturome, which is rich in volatiles combining floral, fresh and green facets, and is balanced with typical honey and animalic bottom notes. This ingredient, which is FTNS and GMO-free, performs well in a number of applications including fruity and brown note formulations. At very low dosage, it’s used for reinforcing and enhancing the perception of sweetness while improving long-lasting effects.

Advanced Biotech features isoamyl 2-methyl butyrate natural (FEMA# 3505, CAS# 27625-35-0), which has a sweet, fruity, cherry, winey odor with blueberry and apple nuances. Its taste is sweet, creamy and fruity with apple, winey, cherry, raisin and berry nuances. Suggested flavor applications include banana, citrus, melon and raspberry. Use level is 10–100 ppm. The company also provides 4-methyl octanoic acid natural (FEMA# 3575, CAS# 54947-74-9), which has a waxy, fatty, dairy, creamy and milky odor. Its taste is fatty, waxy and creamy. Suggested use in flavors includes butter, cheese, cream and dairy. Use level is 10–100 ppm.

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