Interesting WONF Ingredients

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Many natural raw materials can be very useful in artificial flavors, but they are even more helpful when formulating challenging natural WONF flavors. In fact, they typically provide three important benefits.

  • They often contain notes that are difficult to find from single chemicals.
  • They add a subtle layer of complexity to flavors that start off a little too simplistic.
  • And they can make the flavor much harder to match, especially if they are unusual or are used in clever combinations.

The following ingredients, in my experience, can all be useful in a wide range of different flavor types and merit inclusion on any flavorist’s shelf. All of them are FEMA GRAS listed, but please note, the components listed are not comprehensive. They have been selected either because they are present in significant quantities or because they contribute significantly to the odor of the raw material. The quantities given are all typical rather than specific and often vary widely in practice, even in genuine oils. Also, all the use rates of these natural raw materials are expressed as parts per million in a finished flavor that is intended for use at 0.05% in a ready-to-drink beverage or bouillon.

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