Taking the Bitterness Out of the Health and Wellness Boom

Pf Bitter Thumb 2619

According to a recent report by The Freedonia Group, flavors and flavor enhancers accounted for $2.4 billion of the $7.2 billion US Food and beverage additive market. According to the report, growth through 2019 "will be driven by increasing consumer interest in nutritionally enriched products and all-natural foods, which promotes demand for high-value premium and natural additives." In addition to innovation in enhancers for salt reduction/replacement, the report adds, "[T]he constant emergence of new food and beverage products continues to create new demand for flavors and enhancers. The inclusion of functional additives such as probiotics in a widentin array of foods and beverages"—including breakfast cereal, tabletop sweeteners, milk, chocolate, bread, nutrition bars, yogurt, juice and other beverages—"will benefit demand in this segment, as these nutraceuticals are often associated with a bitter taste that must be masked by flavor additives."

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