Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

Celebrating 20 years of organoleptic evaluations and welcoming a new voice, Gerard Mosciano and organoleptic evaluation panelists explore a variety of flavor components and applications. 

3-Ethyl-2,6-Dimethyl Pyrazine FEMA# 3150, CAS# 13925-07-0, is described as: roasted nutty peanut, Nutella, beany coffee and mocha with nuances of brown caramel and baked potato. Possible applications include roasted nutty notes for hazelnut, peanut, cashew, Nutella, coffee, potato, grains, crackers and caramel.  

The piece also discusses the following: 3-heptanone (Synonym: Ethyl Butyl Ketone),3-hexanol, 2-iso Propyl Phenol, 1-(methylthio)-2-Butanone and more.


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