Conserving Acetonitrile

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Kyoto, Japan) now offers ultra-fast liquid chromatography columns to minimize ACN consumption through high-speed analysis and retain the flexibility of conventional analysis. Engineered for low carryover, the valves on the Prominence autosamplers require little or no additional rinsing after injection. The autosampler’s injection cycle time of 10 seconds further reduces mobile-phase consumption.

For situations requiring operating under pressures up to 66 MPa, UFLCXR permits the substitution of methanol for ACN. Shim-pack XR-ODS columns enable users to shorten analysis time and drastically reduce ACN consumption without high pressures (<30 MPa) by using a 2.2 μm particle size. Used with the Prominence UFLC system, a Shim-pack column uses only 2.3 mL of ACN for analysis of alkylphenones compared to 10.5 mL with a 5μm column. The analysis is performed five times faster, without requiring specialized high-pressure hardware.

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