Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

Chamomile Oil Blue Hungarian is described as the following:

Source: Citrus & Allied Essences Ltd. Natural Odor: @ 1.0%. Sweet woody, leafy haylike, herbaceous, floral, tealike with floral linalool and aromatic nuances. Taste: @ 10 ppm. Woody, floral tea, leafy, herbaceous haylike with a bitter and astringent herbal finish. Possible applications: Tea, strawberry, raspberry, peppers, herbal notes, orange marmalade, mango tropical nuances.

Other materials evaluated: Chamomile Oil Blue Hungarian (Citrus & Allied Essences Ltd.); Chrysanthemum Flowers Solid Extract (Frutarom); Cinnamon Bark Oil (Global Essence); Cofeol (Frutarom); Ginger Oleoresin African (Trilogy Spice Extracts, Inc.); Indian Cornmint Oil Triple Distilled --Mentha arvensis (Citrus & Allied Essences Ltd.); Monastic Distillate 70% (Artiste Flavor/Essence, Inc.); Octanol (Advanced Biotech Inc.); Onion Concentrate Roasted (Trilogy Spice Extracts, Inc.); Orange Citreatt (Treatt USA); Orange Isolate (Mooreganics by A.M. Todd); Pomegranate Distillate (Arome America, LLC); Rosemary Oleoresin (Trilogy Spice Extracts, Inc.); White Tea Solid Extract (Frutarom).

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