The Creative Flavorist: On Site

Riba Fairfield is undergoing a thorough reorganization under the leadership of Joel Muse, the past president and now the chief technical officer, and Philip Romano, the new president and general manager. Since its founding, Riba Fairfield has been a supplier of esters, carboxylic acids, alcohols and lactones—both synthetic and naturally derived from fermentation. The products have been produced in-house as well as being imported from various international sources. Additionally, all of the products are food grade and the majority of them are natural and kosher.

The present Decatur manufacturing facilities are being sold to ADM and Riba Fairfield has established manufacturing and laboratory facilities in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The new facilities include a 6,000 gallon reactor for large production runs, to soon be followed by 300 gallon reactors; intermediate-sized reactors will be installed as the business requires. Small-scale reactors (22–72 L) will be installed in a new laboratory and will be capable of producing all of the smaller volume products currently manufactured in-house. Enhanced QC and pilot facilities will be available to assist in quality control and product development. As Muse explained, “In time this move will open up new opportunities that would never have been available to us in the previous facilities and allow us to diversify our product line and grow our business as never before.”

The company will maintain its headquarters at its new offices at 335 E. Wood St., Suite B, Decatur, IL 62523. Warehouse facilities will be maintained in Cincinnati, Chicago and Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Here are some of the products that are presently offered; for more information on the materials featured, contact Riba Fairfield; tel: 1-217-429-7422;

Materials evaluated: alpha-Angelica Lactone, Butyl Lactate, gamma-Decalactone, Fusel Oil, Praline Flavor, gamma-Undecalactone

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