Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

In this monthly column, senior flavorist Gerard Mosciano describes the odor, taste and suggested applications for several materials.

Lionel Hitchen (Essential Oils) Ltd. presents blood orange. Its natural odor is exhibited at 1.0% and characterized by a sweet aldehydic, rich juicy and pulpy orange aroma. Its taste: @ 10 ppm in 5 percent sugar and 0.1% CA exhibits rich full-bodied orange, waxy, pulpy and meaty nuances with a lingering sweetness. Possible applications include orange juice body, citrus punches and tropical nuances.

This edition also features organoleptic evalulations of citrazest orange freshly FTNF, Ccitreatt lemon #6122, citreatt orange #3111, decanal 90 percent Ex. orange, grapefruit aldehydes, grapefruit sulfur isolate, lemon isosolate and more.

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