Exploring Citrus Diversity to Create the Next Generation of Citrus Flavors


Citrus is a key tonality for the flavor and fragrance industry. Citrus notes are widely used in perfumery to provide freshness and lift. They are much appreciated in fine fragrances and home care products, as consumers often associate citrus with cleanliness. According to recent market research on food and beverages (www.mintel.com), orange and lemon are in the top five fruit flavors for existing products as well as new product developments. Lime and grapefruit are also important citrus tonalities.

Lately, other citrus varieties are enjoying increased popularity. Indeed, there is a new trend of using less familiar citrus tonalities to provide new sensory experiences to consumers. It is now relatively common to see new products on the market with an original citrus profile: kaffir lime in dry gin (James Burrough Limited Editionb, Spain), finger lime in vinegar (Causley Fresh, Australia), dalandan in soda (Zest-Oc, Philippines) and yuzu in ice cream (Mövenpickd, Switzerland), among many others.

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