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Firmenich is proud to share its range of mouthwatering citrus tonalities, the result of 75 years of dedicated craftmanship and expertise in high-tech extraction. Experience the irresistible complexity and freshness of authentic fruit! 

November 2019 - Firmenich 

For more than 75 years, Firmenich has advanced its citrus tonality expertise through continued exploration, technological innovation, and dedicated craftsmanship. Our co-innovation partnerships with growers and fruit processors provide differentiating knowledge and raw material access that translates into the most comprehensive creative palette. Our integrated network of global specialists deliver localized preference for all food and beverage applications. Authenticity is the action standard for every decision we make - from #NATURALSTOGETHER™ initiatives at source to ingredient innovation and from responsible technologies to sustainable solutions, partnering with Firmenich connects you to a world of true-to-fruit experiences.

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At the crossroads of natural extraction technologies and citrus science, this year Firmenich is opening its iconic range of TETRAROME® and CITRONOVA® citrus specialties. 

TETRAROME® is a unique collection of concentrated lemon, orange and mandarine extracts offering uniquely mouthwatering, candy-like sweetness. Extracted through a non-thermal process proprietary to Firmenich, TETRAROME® flavors are irresistibly bright, sweet and peely. 

Enhancing the solubility and stability of citrus oils, these cost-efficient ingredients bring an incredible freshness and length to compositions.Enhancing the solubility and stability of citrus oils, these cost-efficient ingredients bring an incredible freshness and length to compositions.

CITRONOVA® is a distillation process proprietary to Firmenich, which decreases the amount of Limonene in the extract, enabling a unique range of highly concentrated, stable and soluble citrus ingredients.

Available in Orange, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine and Green Mandarine and ultra cost-efficient, our CITRONOVA® range is popular with flavorists, as the profile it adds to a composition is very close to original citrus oil.

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