Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials


Coffee Absolute

Supplier: Bontoux, Inc.

GRAS, CAS# 8001-67-0, natural, Coffea arabica, natural

Odor: @ 100%. Coffee, slightly smoky, ashy, burnt, roasted and brown.

Taste: @ 10 ppm. Coffee, ashy, roasted and slightly woody with a low, nutty undertone.

Taste: @ 20 ppm. Coffee, ashy, roasted, smoky, bitter, slightly chocolate-like and slightly nutty.

Possible applications: It is no surprise all flavors and blends of thereof like mocha will be graced by this material. Other flavors where it will be used efficiently are dark chocolate, caramel, maple, butterscotch, barbecue, tobacco, chicory, roast beef and red eye gravy.

Bontoux, Inc.:

Wormwood Oil American

Supplier: Vigon International, Inc.

FEMA# 3116, CAS# 8003-93-3, natural, Artemisia absinthium

Odor: @ 100%. Sweet, green, slightly floral, minty and spicy with a hint of tarragon.

Taste: @ 5 ppm. Green, minty, astringent, herbal and slightly woody.

Taste: @ 10 ppm. Sweet, minty, cooling, spicy, herbal and slightly woody.

Possible applications: Infamous for its use in absinthe, this essential oil with its herbal, minty notes will complement the profiles of peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, licorice, anise, sensen and root beer flavors. Alcoholic flavors like ouzo, chartreuse and the like are also effective uses for it.

Vigon International, Inc.:

Hexyl isobutyrate natural

Supplier: Advanced Biotech

FEMA# 3172, CAS# 2349-07-7, natural

Natural occurrence: Apple, beer, brandy, grape, hops, lavender, quince and strawberry.

Odor: @ 1%. Green, fresh, slightly floral, waxy, fruity and sweet.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Sweet, green, fruity and waxy.

Taste: @ 5 ppm. Waxy, green, slightly vegetable-like, grassy and fruity.

Possible applications: Most fruit flavors with a fresh, green top note are good candidates for this ester including, apple, pear, strawberry, guava, melon and green banana. At higher levels it will take on green vegetable notes and will be useful in celery and green pepper.

Advanced Biotech:

Rose Oil Bulgarian

Supplier: Berjé

FEMA# 2989, CAS# 8007-01-0, natural,Rosa damascena

Odor: @ 1%. Sweet, floral, rose, green and perfumey.

Taste: @ 0.5 ppm. Floral, rose, slightly green, slightly soapy and perfumey.

Taste: @ 1 ppm. Sweet, rose, floral, fresh, slightly berry-like, powdery and tea-like.

Possible applications: At very low levels, this costly essential oil will deepen the profiles of many berry flavors including raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry. Tropicals like lychee, rambutan and citrus like orange and lemon will also benefit, as well as floral flavors. It should also be considered for fantasy notes in flavors for alcoholic applications.


6-Methyl-5-hepten-2-ol natural (synonym – coriander heptenol)

Supplier: Natural Advantage

GRAS (FEMA# 4884 pending, CAS# 1569-60-4, natural

Natural occurrence: Citrus fruits, lychee, macadamia nut and tomato.

Odor: @ 1%. Waxy, earthy, green and fungal.

Taste: @ 5 ppm. Creamy, waxy, green, slightly fruity and earthy.

Taste: @ 10 ppm. Waxy, earthy, slightly cheesy and creamy.

Possible applications: Dairy flavors are the main application of this soon-to-be FEMA material. Milk, butter, cream, sour cream, cream cheese, mozzarella and aged and mold-ripened cheeses like cheddar, blue, gorgonzola, brie and camembert are all good targets for its use. A touch in mushroom and coconut flavors will enliven the profiles.

Natural Advantage:

6-Methyl-3,5-heptadien-2-one, 10% in EtOH, natural

Supplier: Alfrebro

FEMA# 3363, CAS# 1604-28-0, natural

Natural occurrence: Hazelnut, tomato, wormwood, tea, grape, lavender and rice bran.

Odor: @ 10%. Sweet, creamy, coconut-like, waxy and lactonic.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Creamy, coconut-like and slightly plastic.

Taste: @ 5 ppm. Coconut-like, creamy, lactonic, slightly green and coumarin-like.

Possible applications: The sweet, coconut-like notes of this material will add depth to coconut and coumarin-type flavors. Its creamy notes will enhance sweet dairy flavors like milk and cream as well as brown flavors like caramel, maple, nut and vanilla.


Ethyl levulinate natural

Supplier: Sigma Aldrich

FEMA# 2442, CAS# 539-88-8, natural

Natural occurrence: Bread, cocoa, vanilla and wine.

Odor: @ 100%. Slightly solvent-like and slightly fruity with a hint of leather.

Taste: @ 20 ppm. Astringent and lightly fruity.

Taste: @ 40 ppm. Astringent, slightly fresh, fruity and brown.

Possible applications: Although this ester will probably never play the leading role in a flavor, it will help freshen the profiles of rum, apple, pineapple, melon and other fruit flavors where astringency and general lift is appreciated.

Sigma Aldrich:

3-Octyl acetate

Supplier: Sigma Aldrich

FEMA# 3583, CAS# 4864-61-3

Natural occurrence: Bergamot, cornmint, mushroom, lavandin, peppermint and spearmint.

Odor: @ 1%. Waxy, woody, rosy, slightly citrus, earthy and fungal.

Taste: @ 5 ppm. Slightly floral, waxy, rosy, fatty and mushroom-like.

Taste: @ 10 ppm. Floral, bergamot-like, waxy, slightly fruity and mushroom-like.

Possible applications: The earthy, rosy nature of this ester will fit well in rose, lychee, rambutan, peach, apricot, cantaloupe and honeydew melon flavors as well as in citrus, especially lime and bergamot.

Sigma Aldrich:

2-Methoxy pyrazine

Supplier: Sigma Aldrich

FEMA# 3302, CAS# 3149-28-8

Natural occurrence: Beef, cocoa and krill.

Odor: @ 1%. Nutty, peanut-like, toasted, roasted, cocoa-like, brown and earthy.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Nutty, toasted, peanut-like and roasted.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Nutty, peanut-like, roasted, brown and cocoa-like.

Possible applications: Most roasted nut flavors will benefit with the addition of this material especially peanut, pecan, almond and hazelnut. Its toasted nature will also lend character to grain flavors like corn, oats, rice and graham as well as brown flavors like cocoa, coffee, caramel, pie crust, pretzel and beurre noisette.

Sigma Aldrich:


Source: Berjé

FEMA# 2029, CAS# 515-03-7

Natural occurrence: Clary sage, nutmeg and thyme.

Odor: @ 100%. Aromatic, dry, labdanum-like, slightly spicy, woody, clean and incense-like.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Powdery, woody and perfumey.

Taste: @ 5 ppm. Powdery, woody, labdanum-like and incense-like.

Possible applications: More associated with men’s fragrances, the unique qualities of this complex molecule will add fantasy notes to liqueur flavors, spice and herbal flavors like anise, tarragon, nutmeg and cinnamon and to fruits like apple, raspberry and strawberry.


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