Raw Material Bulletin: May 2016


Natural Advantage has introduced U.S. and E.U., kosher, non-GMO and natural methionyl butyrate, (FEMA# 4160, CAS# 16630-60-7), which occurs in yellow passion fruit and cheese. It exhibits mushroom, juicy pineapple and ripe cheese notes. Methionyl butyrate is used in mushroom, cheese and tropical flavors at a level of 1.6 ppm as consumed.

The company has also launched U.S. and E.U., kosher, non-GMO and natural hop essence fraction (FEMA# 2580, CAS# 8007-04-03), which occurs widely in nature. It has a floral, sweet, woody taste with a tropical nuance. Hop essence fraction can be used in beer and alcoholic beverage flavors and adds a complex spicy note to citrus and fruit flavors with use levels at 1.6 ppm in consumer products.


JNC Corporation has introduced 2-Ethylbutyric acid (2EBS) (FEMA# 2429, CAS# 88-09-5), a synthetic and kosher grade ingredient. 2EBS is colorless, with a fruity smell and is often used as a solvent in flavors and in fragrances. It can be utilized as a basic raw material in flavor and fragrance applications.


Sigma Aldrich offers natural and kosher methyl cyclopentenolone, anhydrous, natural, 97%, FG (FEMA# 2700, CAS# 765-70-8). This ingredient exhibits a caramel-like flavor with nutty nuances, as well as sweet, maple and bready taste characteristics at 5 ppm. The odor characteristics consist of caramel-like, maple, sweet, burnt, coffee and bready nuances. The product can be used in maple, bread, caramel, coffee, currant, tobacco, vermouth, butterscotch, coconut, licorice, hazelnut, walnut and vanilla.

The company also introduced methyl cyclopentenolone hydrate, natural, 99% (FEMA# 2700, CAS# 1396995-49-5). This ingredient exhibits a caramel-like profile with a nutty nuance, as well as a maple and bready taste characteristic. This product’s odor characteristics and uses match methyl cyclopenteneolone.

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